J-Hope the BTS boy is known for his amazing singing skills and his extraordinary brilliance in fashion and styling! He usually has a mind-blowing flair for dressing up and uses his bright colors, prints and matches it with his accessories and even his shoes. His detailed eye for his sense of fashion has always been a topic of conversation for the ARMY, who always assumed and even joked that J-Hope actually planned his outfits long in advance and put them aside for him.

Well recently, that joke and assumption from ARMY actually proved correct when J-Hope went live during one of his tours and took fans straight to his hotel room and displayed his closet, accessories, etc.

At this point, he also showed one side of his bed with the outfits he will be wearing the next day. The accessories and the appropriate shows were placed directly below. A report on koreaboo.com talked about it and we are referring to it for our story.

Video courtesy of V Live

Take a look at the picture here of J-Hope showing his room and closet.

Also, check out the outfits all ready to be worn !!

This proved that ARMY thought the same and was right when they said that J-Hope plans his outfits well in advance!

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