Arlene Phillips and Kadeena Cox excel in Bed Chamber of Chills trial

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  • November 30, 2021

Lady Arlene Phillips

Arlene Phillips excelled during the trial

Arlene Phillips and Kadeena Cox impressed during their trial of “I’m a Star … Get Me Out of Here!”

Arlene Phillips and Kadeena Cox gained 10 stars out of 11 during their trial for “I’m a Star … Get Me Out of Here!”.

The 78-year-old choreographer and Kadeena, 30, were chosen by their campmates to do the process, and they impressed during the Bed Chamber of Chills challenge.

Before the trial began, Ant explained, “Behind that door is the Chill Bed Chamber.

“There is a bunk bed in the bedroom. One of you has to take the upper bed, the other the lower one.

“There are 11 stars on the roof of the upper bunk. The celebrity in the upper bunk must maneuver the stars through the maze to reveal them. They can then be dropped through a hole onto the person in the lower bunk.

“The celebrity on the lower bunk then has to find the star and put it on the collection shelf.”

Kadeena was then placed on the upper bunk and Arlene on the lower bunk, and they had 11 minutes to collect meals for the camp mates.

However, their efforts were made difficult by the presence of some snakes.

But after her successful mission, Arlene said, “I was so determined that we would do it.”

And Kadeena added, “I’m buzzing. I’m buzzing great, we got 10 stars. That was super tough.

“That was really tough for me and doing it in the dark makes it so much more difficult. I’m super excited and I think ‘Team Ardeena’ is pretty dope.”

When Arlene returned to the camp, she was asked if she was still afraid of the snakes.

She said to the camp mates: “I don’t think so. I really can’t believe I did that!”

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