Angela Leiva’s Boyfriend Shown In Bed With Singer: “I Love You”

A few days ago, Angela Liva had mentioned the pregnancy rumors. Now, her boyfriend, Gabriel Mikhailovich, has given people something to talk about after sharing An intimate postcard with the singer,

There, the interpreter is seen sleeping on her chest while the two are lying on the bed. For his part, the musician dedicated a few gentle words to her in a post published on his official Instagram account.

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“I like you even when I sleep. Ich liebe dich”, Wrote Gabriel, who has just become a father with his former partner, in a romantic message.

Angela Leiva’s boyfriend shared a tender photo with the singer / Photo: @gabriel.mikelovich (IG)

For her part, Liva did not let that pass and replied in a cooperative manner: “Well, beautiful blonde. Ich liebe dich”.

Angela Leiva admits she didn’t visit her partner’s newborn baby

Angela Leiva admitted that she does not know her lover’s newborn child. Singer had revealed this several months ago that, when their relationship Gabriel MikkelovichDidn’t know her ex was pregnant, and found out shortly before she gave birth.

But now that the baby was born, Liva talked to the show partners and admitted that she didn’t know him.“My boyfriend just became a father with his ex. A beautiful baby. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m not here.”Said the former hero of La 1-5/18.

Some time ago, the singer made reference to an event organized by Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lucich on the same topic.

really, luli fernandez He said that Angela was on her honeymoon in the snow on their wedding day. “Angela Leiva is dating one of her musicians, but she has an ex who is pregnant.” Lusich reported on the relationship that the artist had started.

Much later, the panelists said: “According to what they told me, Angela Leiva didn’t know that the boyfriend was the ex of the girl who was pregnant with the boyfriend. a drama”.

“It seems that, later, Angela said that she knew, she found out, the nerves calmed down and they are in love again. And the girl is looking forward to the family.” Lully revealed again.

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