Anderson East Makes A Raised Garden Bed For ‘On Repeat’

Anderson East is one of the more versatile musicians out there, as he brings everything from R&B to blues rock to soul into his work. If you look outside of music, he has even more going on, as his thumb is looking pretty green these days. In the latest “On Repeat” video from Uproxx and Straight Talk Wireless, East takes us through how to make a raised garden bed.

On his 45-acre lot, East makes use of lumber and power tools to put the beds together, all in the pursuit of leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, as he notes, “Our whole goal, mainly, is just to be out here in a self-sustaining kind of manner. Everything’s off grid, everything’s powered by the wonderful burning ball in the sky.”

Elsewhere in the video, he offers his point of view on his music career and style, saying, “I’ve never really felt like I fit nicely in any genre. I’m always envious of those people that are just like, ‘I do X and that’s what I do.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, that’s amazing,’ because I want to do all the alphabet. I’m just captivated with music as a whole, so I don’t want to limit myself to one specific avenue.”

He gets more into that and other topics in the video, so give it a watch above.


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