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CHENNAI: As COVID-19 cases are increasingly fueled by the Omicron, a highly transmissible variant, in Tamil Nadu, bed occupancy in COVID health centers and COVID-19 hospitals has also increased in two weeks.

The comparison of the bed status on December 26th and on Sunday showed that more people occupy oxygen-free beds than oxygen and intensive care beds.

The non-oxygen bed occupancy in CHC and CDH was 4.1 percent on December 26, but rose to 11.6 percent on Sunday.

The number of active cases in the state has also quadrupled from two weeks ago. Active cases had risen to 6,629 on December 26 and 51,335 on Sunday.

On December 26th, the occupancy rate of the intensive care beds was 4.5 percent and the occupancy rate of the oxygen beds was 3.1 percent. On Sunday, the occupancy rate in the intensive care beds was 4.4 percent and in the oxygen beds 6.2 percent.

The test positive rate was 0.6 percent two weeks ago and rose to 8.6 percent on Sunday. The state reported 610 cases on December 26 and 12,895 cases on Sunday.

Chennai and its neighboring districts of Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur and Chengalpttu contributed 68 percent of the cases on Sunday.

“We have instructed to add another 50,000 beds in COVID Care Centers (CCC). If necessary, beds will be arranged in free places in the future. We are also focusing more on hospital needs. People who really need it. Only hospital treatment is enrolled based on their clinical and blood parameters, “Health Minister J. Radhakrishnan told TNIE.

He said only 5,872 people (15% of those infected) were hospitalized.

While only one percent of them are in the intensive care unit, these are patients who were infected with the Delta variant and comorbidities.

Radhakrishnan warned private hospitals not to accept people who do not need hospital treatment and are asymptomatic. He also stressed that action will be taken against the hospitals that indulge in such activities.

The state has 17,960 oxygen concentrators, 217 oxygen generators and tankers with a capacity of 1,700 tons of oxygen, he said.

Health Minister Ma Subramanian alleged Omicron was the main culprit in the surge in cases in the state.

He said, “Of the samples tested daily, 80 to 85 percent had an ‘s’ gene drop, a marker for the Omicron variant. Only 14 to 15 percent of Delta variants in the state. Among the people who got the Omicron Variant are infected, 90 percent of them were fully vaccinated. “

The well-known virologist Dr. T. Jacob John warned that COVID cases in Tamil Nadu could soar up to 40,000 in the coming days.

He said, “At this rate, the daily cases in the state could rise to 40,000 or more, but no one can really predict the peak. It is clear that, as in other countries, cases are increasing rapidly in India.”

“Since we are densely populated compared to industrialized countries, the peak will be much higher. But here too we have to wait and see. To avoid complications and death, patients who test positive on the first day should have blood tests performed. and should also be repeated on the third or fifth day. This will help identify the abnormal biomarkers and treat these patients appropriately, “said Dr. K Kolandaswamy, former director of public health.


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