Amber Heard Insists She Didn’t Poop On The Bed As Trial Resumes

actor Johnny Depp and ex wife Amber Heard continue to make headlines as the trial continues.

The couple is facing each other at the Fairfax County Circuit Court. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is suing his ex-wife for $50 million over a December 2018 op-ed Heard wrote for the Washington Post where she claims that she is a domestic violence survivor. Although she did not mention Depp by name, he claims that he has lost movie roles due to the “clear implication” that he was the “Aquaman” actress’ abuser. Heard is countersuing for $100 million dollars.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Heard began her testimony on Wednesday morning by describing how they met on the set of “The Rum Diary.” She then continued on to explain the first time that Depp allegedly struck her. On Thursday morning, she recalled further allegations of abuse, claiming that he kicked her in front of other people on a plane. On Thursday afternoon, she recalled graphic physical and sexual abuse.

The court went on break for a week and resumed the trial on Monday, May 16.

Amber Heard Returns To The Stand On Monday Morning

Amber Heard at The Royal Courts of Justice

On Monday, Heard was asked about Thanksgiving 2015. Heard said that she had a few friends over and alleged that Depp was doing cocaine with Marilyn Manson.

Heard said that she had retreated into the bedroom after a fight. She alleged that Depp picked up a decanter and threw it “at my head, at my face.”

“Thankfully, it missed,” she said.

She said she “put on a face” and returned to the party, but more arguments ensued after the guests had left.

Heard Describes Johnny Depp’s Drug Use As ‘Terrifying’

Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial

Heard alleged that Depp was hallucinating, hearing voices, and seeing things that weren’t there.

She described his behavior as “very scary” and “terrifying.”

In a video clip played for the jury, Depp can be heard yelling “Motherf—er” twice while Heard asks, “What happened?”

It’s followed by Depp slamming cabinets and throwing things around the kitchen. Heard then points to a bottle and asks if he drank “that whole thing this morning.”

When asked why she filmed this, Heard said that she was “afraid” and felt that Depp would not remember the incident later.

Heard Recalls What Happened On Her 30th Birthday Party

Johnny Depp smashes kitchen cabinets in a rage in dramatic video shown to court in his defamation trial

April 21, 2016 was Heard’s 30th birthday. She alleges that, before her birthday, Depp was disappearing for “days at a time” and claimed that he was on a “bender” during his disappearances.

Depp already agreed in his testimony that he had missed the birthday party. However, their testimonies differed when Heard began to testify about the fight that happened that night.

She said they had a “shoving match” and alleged that Depp threw a bottle of champagne through her favorite painting. She then claimed that he took her cell phone and threw it out of a window and into the street.

“Oh no you don’t,” she said, claiming that she picked up his phone and threw it as well. She said she went into the office while they were “screaming” at each other.

She alleges that he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down onto the desk and things fell out of the desk.

She says, at some point, they went back into the bedroom where they had another shoving match. She alleges that he “chest bumped me” in a “bro-y way.”

Johnny Depp smashes kitchen cabinets in a rage in dramatic video shown to court in his defamation trial

She said he pushed her down in the “pelvic bone area, is the best I can describe it” while asking her, “You think you’re so tough now?”

Heard said she started sobbing and described herself as “exhausted.”

She was then asked about the fecal matter in the bed. She insisted that the dogs slept in bed with them and had bathroom problems ever since ingesting Depp’s weed. She insists that it was not a “prank” and she did not leave fecal matter in his bed.

Amber Hears Called Elon Musk ‘A Real Gentleman’

Elon Musk

Heard recalled meeting Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the Meta Gala red carpet and called him “a real gentleman.”

Heard denied using mushrooms and MDMA with Musk, who was referred to in notes as a “high-profile gentleman.” Heard denied both Musk’s identity and the fact that she did drugs, insisting she was done using drugs after a bad trip during Coachella.

Later that month, she filed for a domestic violence temporary restraining order, known as a DV TRO.

Heard denied being diagnosed with bipolar disorder or codependency disorder. She also denied having an eating disorder.

Heard’s Legal Team Presents A Parade Of Pictures

Amber Heard with facial bruises

A plethora of photos of Hurt’s bruised face were displayed for the jury after she recalled more allegations of abuse, including the time he allegedly threw a phone at her face, which she claims caused the bruises.

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