Amazon Sale: 7 Discounted products that will help you stay productive without leaving your bed

Since our lives have gotten back to normal, our work routine has also started falling into place. However, we all still have days when we just want to stay in beds all day long. After all, staying in bed is also a kind of therapy that we all need. Here are a few products and gadgets at amazing discounted rates available at the Amazon sale that will get your work done while staying in bed.

7 Products that will help you stay productive from your bed:

Scroll down to take a look at these super cool products that will help you stay productive on lazy days.

If you’re working from your bed, sitting on a bed for hours at a stretch can take a serious toll on your back. This memory foam cushion pillow will help correct your posture. It reduces pressure on the tailbone and hip bone while you are sitting. This pillow is also recommended when you are on long drives as it gives good back support and will make your car seat more comfortable.


Price: Rs.2300

Deal: Rs.1399

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Has it ever happened to you that as soon as you tuck yourself in bed you realize you forgot to get your charger? Save yourself from that stress! There are certain essentials that you would want within arm’s reach from your bed. This bedside organizer will make your life 10 times easier and your room much cleaner by keeping all your essentials and belongings together on your bedside while you are in bed.


Price: Rs.700

Deal: Rs.499

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Upgrade your work from home experience with this foldable laptop table which will let you work from your bed without compromising on your comfort. This laptop table will ensure that you do not slouch or hunch and that your posture remains upright. The table comes with a built-in stand groove which can be used to hold your ipad or kindle and also has a cup-holder so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee while working without worrying about spilling it.


Price: Rs.1999

Deal: Rs.509

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Take your movie watching experience up a notch with this mobile phone and tablet holder. Free your hands from holding the tablet or phone with this holder that can be used at any place you want at your home. You can adjust the holder to your desired angle and enjoy a great experience. You can turn the holder to the most comfortable viewing position whether you are standing, sitting or lying in bed.


Price: Rs.1299

Deal: Rs.555

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This multifunction night light is perfect for your bedroom and will provide you with more convenience. It features two USB sockets so that you can stay plugged in while having a great work or night ambience. The USB ports allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.


Price: Rs.999

Deal: Rs.599

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If you are a sucker for smart gadgets, then this echo dot is the perfect gift for yourself. It will control all smart devices, is an amazing speaker, and will literally do all your bidding. You can ask Alexa to play any music you want, ask her about some interesting trivia, set alarms or even just chat with her if you are extremely bored.


Price: Rs.4499

Deal: Rs.2949

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This smart plug will let you control any device that is plugged into it through Alexa or your smartphone. You can add voice controls to your appliances with this plug. It lets you voice control your lamps, table fans, electric kettles, TVs and more. With the Amazon Smart Plug, control your existing appliances hands-free using a compatible Echo, Fire TV or any Alexa device.


Price: Rs.1999

Deal: Rs.999

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On lazy days when you simply cannot find the motivation to leave the bed, these super amazing products will help you get your work done from the comfort of your bed. These products are available at great discounted prices on the ongoing Amazon sale. So what are you waiting for? Add them to your shopping cart right away!

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