AISECT BEd students celebrate International Yoga Day

The college students of AISECT B.Ed observed World Yoga Day here on Thursday
Like every year, this year also a theme was kept “Yoga for Humanity”. Year also Sect College of Professional Education B.Ed. 8th Yoga Day was celebrated in Yoga aplays a very important role in keeping the mind calm and body healthy.
On this occasion all the professors, departmental members and B.Ed were present. Second and fourth semester students performed yoga together, after that everyone was given refreshments. In the end, Principal MW. Neelam Singh made the students aware of the benefits of yoga and concluded the programme.
On the occasion, the students were then informed about the importance of yoga in life. The principal of the college told the students that yoga is just not an exercise to keep the body fit, but it is the entire lifestyle. Discipline enters life when yoga is practiced everyday without fail. She explained the utility and importance of yoga in life. The various texts explained the role of yoga in life through the Gita, Pantjali Yoga Sutras and also made students aware of yoga by performing various types of yoga, asanas, pranayam, bandha and mudra.
The students performed different asaanas on the yoga day. They performed anulom, vilom, Kapalbhati, Sheetali and Bhramari Pranayam. They were told about the advantages of these asaanas of yoga.
The World Yoga Day was observed with a lot of fervor as the students also shared their ideas and views with each other.
She said that from ancient times yoga is being practiced by people and today it is gaining popularity. She further said that even people in the western countries are getting captivated towards yoga and practicing it in their daily lifestyles.
The students were also encouraged to make yoga their lifestyle and practice it daily.


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