After couch, Turkish man’s video enjoying paragliding on bed goes viral; watch

Hasan Kaval, a Turkish man, hogged the headlines after his video of paragliding went viral on social media. In the video, Kaval is seen enjoying paragliding on a couch while creating a living room experience midair. And now, another video of the Turkish man has resurfaced on social media in which he dozes off on his bed in midair.

In the video, Kaval is seen on his bed while four other persons were helping him to begin his adventurous ride. After taking off his ride, Kaval rests on his bed comfortably. Next, he sets the alarm on his table clock.

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Kaval then covers his face with an eye mask and pulls over his blanket.

He sleeps on the bed just like in his bedroom, though being in midair. After a while, the alarm rings waking up Kaval.

Pulling down his mask, he gets ready for landing on the ground.

After an adventurous paragliding journey on the couch, Kaval again impressed everyone with his stunt of enjoying paragliding on the bed. The viral video has been viewed over 123K times. Kaval’s original post was shared back in 2020. But, soon after the couch video went viral, several other videos of Kaval with his daring stunts started surfacing on different social media platforms.

Earlier, sharing the video of paragliding on the couch, Kaval captioned it, “I realized the project, which I thought of two years ago, today. I would like to express my endless thanks to my flyferhat1973 brother, who supported me from the beginning to the end of the project, with equipment and tools….”


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