After broken water line leaves woman with mold and no bed, community comes through

BATON ROUGE – This Thanksgiving weekend, the blessings are plentiful for longtime cafeteria worker Sana Trahan.

After her Magnolia Trace apartment was flooded for the second time by a broken toilet pipe, she was left with no bed to sleep in and a growing mold problem.

“I lost my mattress, my box spring bed. I lost clothes and shoes that were in the closet that I hadn’t put away. I lost a lot of personal items,” she said.

After our story aired, dozen reached out and got her a new mattress and clothes. ServPro also helped and came early Friday morning to take care of the form.

“He says it looked like it didn’t come through, but he wants to be sure and do a more thorough test on the sheetrock he cut out,” said Trahan.

They even tore up the carpet after their apartment complex refused to replace it.

“We should all be doing this for people in our community who need it, especially someone who works in the school cafeteria. You make me feel good! You were my favorite person at school,” said Tim Credeur of Serv Pro.

Just a week ago, Trahan was desperately looking for help. Now she is overwhelmed by the kindness in her community.

“I am very grateful for everyone who has helped me. Strangers have helped me, everyone has compassion, and only because of WBRZ.”

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