About time MIQ was put to bed

Thank God it is officially coming to an end, the misery and hopeless injustice of MIQ.

Of all the things that have been done to the New Zealanders, whether here or off the coast, MIQ must have had the highest cruelty factor. The random, insane nature of a lottery system. That should be the improvement of the even crazier and crueler system that is being complemented by the black market trading of bots and groups that rigged the operation to get you a seat.

So three stages that I think make sense. New Zealanders from Australia in January, New Zealanders from other countries in February, and the rest of the world in April.

It will be interesting to see what it does for the economy. How many expats are here to stay, to find a job and thereby alleviate the labor crisis? How many will buy a home and re-fuel the market?

How many will counter this, knowing that they can return?

How many want to come and live from April onwards? How many want to come and see? How many want to boost our tourism or maybe just breathe a little life into it? Will travel boom or is it slowly rebuilding due to testing and delays?

The upside, however, is that this is finally coming to an end. Of course, it’s not over yet. The traffic light system can mean that foreigners are not interested in a blocked country. We have the next winter and boosters to cope with. We are far from sorting the school. We don’t know if the predictions made by the modelers regarding hospitals, cases, and intensive care units will work out as they claim. There’s still a lot to wash under the Covid Bridge.

But the sheer freedom that the demise of MIQ brings with it cannot be overstated. Being able to actually have air travel as an option is a real thrill.

You can go to Australia to see the family; The family can come to you. The world has been doing this all year, of course, which makes our insane imprisonment even more unnecessary.

The disappointment is great because it is not before Christmas. There’s a lot of disappointment that it doesn’t make sense and we can’t see why it isn’t done sooner. And as for self-isolation, what a waste of time for tourists until they drop it. But look at that crowd, what else were you expecting?

It’s the kind of decision made by the incompetent. It’s good news in a “should have been here earlier” and “should have done better” sort of.

It’s classic work. Eventually got there, only taking off a tornado of pressure, pain, and scream.


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