Aaron Rodgers blames bad back on hotel bed: ‘Killing me’

Aaron Rodgers would love to sleep in his own bed.

After the Packers’ 24-10 win over Washington Football Team, Rodgers said he woke up Sunday morning with a stiff back and blamed the hotel bed where he slept on Saturday night.

“My back was a little stiff on Saturday and you may or may not know this, but there is an outdated procedural matter in our league where we have the most important night of sleep in a hotel,” Rodgers told ESPN. “And I don’t want to blame the hotel – it’s a nice hotel – but my bed in the house I sleep in every other night of my time here in Green Bay would probably be a bit better.” Option I think and that’s just my opinion. “

Rodgers played well in the win, going 27 of 35 for 274 yards with three touchdowns. He praised sports coach Nate Weir and chiropractor Mike Zoelle for helping him get ready on time.

“I woke up this morning and my back killed me,” Rodgers said. “It was all locked and I got in here early and I’m grateful that the guys took care of me to go out and play today.”

Aaron Rodgers bed
Aaron Rodgers (# 12) woke up with a stiff back before the Packers beat Washington Football Team.

Rodgers has noticed that he doesn’t want to stay in a hotel the night before a game. It remains to be seen whether he will get what he wants this time.

“Well, Coach Rodgers and I will have a discussion after that, I’m sure,” Packers manager Matt LaFleur told ESPN when the issue was raised. “We’ll talk about that internally.”


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