90 Day ‘s Mike Is Torn When Natalie Tries to Rekindle Their Marriage: ‘You Made Your Bed’

It’s official: Natalie Mordovtseva wants Mike Youngquist back.

In an exclusive preview of Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie apologizes for leaving Mike — and even admits she’d like to try things again. However, Mike, who is still legally Natalie’s husband, isn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect.

After arriving at his home in Seattle — where Natalie lived until she fled to Florida a year ago — Natalie makes a giant admission.

“Michael, I love you,” she tells her ex. “I could move back.”

Mike shakes his head in reflection. “I don’t know,” he responds. “I waited a long time, Natalie. I’ve just waited — sat here. That part really hurt me, you know?”

As Natalie appears to think deeply about Mike’s words, he adds, “At the end of the day, you made your bed. You went out and wanted to follow your dreams, and you did. It just cost us.”

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90 Day Fiance's Mike and Natalie

90 Day Fiance’s Mike and Natalie


In a confessional, Natalie explains her thoughts. “I made a huge mistake leaving Michael,” she says. “We care for each other and if, for example, we decide to come back to each other, I will do my best to fix it.”

Natalie’s admission is quite a plot twist from the rest of her journey on this season of 90 Day: The Single Life. So far, Natalie has been pursuing a relationship with a man named Josh Weinstein. However, things seemed to change when war between Russian and Ukraine began.

Natalie’s mother was stuck in Ukraine before Mike stepped in to help. He bought her mother a ticket to leave the country, and she was able to flee safely.

In last week’s episode, Natalie spoke highly of Mike because of his generous action, and slammed Josh for not offering any aid to her family during the difficult time. Natalie admitted Mike’s kindness still has a place in her heart.

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Joe Buglewicz/TLC

Now, it seems Natalie has made up her mind. In a confessional, Natalie tells producers she’d leave Josh behind if Mike takes her back.

Natalie’s conversation with Mike ends with her encouraging Mike to take time to think. “I hurt you a lot. You have your rights to think, okay?” she says. “But whatever you decide, don’t answer now, okay? Take your time.”

Mike admits it was a “shocker” to hear the admission from Natalie. “I never thought Natalie would want to get back together,” he tells cameras.

However, he’s pleased with Natalie’s apology. “We actually had our best conversation ever. Natalie really opened up to me and apologized — and I think that was long overdue.”

As for where he stands, Mike added, “I still love Natalie, but I don’t know. Is she thinking about us? Or just thinking about herself?”

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90 Day: The Single Life airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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