9 Wooden Bed Frames That Will Give Your Lil Bedroom a Big Boost

Real talk: When is the last time you showed your bedroom a little love? I’m not talking about new bedding or a squishy body pillow, I mean an actual bedroom upgrade that helps take your sleep space out of your dorm days and into a new more adult era. Your “I actually prefer my mattress on the floor!” days are way, *way* behind you now, so it’s about time for a legit, sturdy bed frame that will make you forget Alles about your days of catching zzz’s on a futon or lofted bed. Enter: The wooden bed frame.

Yes, a wooden bed frame will cost you a pretty penny, but it bears repeating: Futon snoozing and sleeper sofas are a thing. of. the. past As pricey as a wooden bed frame can be, the bedroom investment is 100 percent worth it. Sure, you could buy just about any space-saving bed frame you see online that works with the dimensions of your bedroom, but considering you spend roughly one-third of your life slumbering (!!), it’s safe to say a gorgeous bed frame that’s built to last is well worth the investment. From modern and minimalist to traditional and colourful, we found the wooden bed frame of your ~literal~ dreams. Just think of us as your Fairy Godmothers of bed frames.

Our top picks for wooden bed frames in 2023:

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