9 hacks to help you wake up early and not feel tired after sleeping

If you’ve ever wondered how to wake up early in the morning without feeling groggy, you’re not the only one. Even if you are sleeping on the comfiest, best mattress for your body, feeling refreshed in the morning isn’t always easy.

How to banish morning fatigue: quick tips

1. Don’t hit that snooze button
2. Drink water as soon as you wake up to hydrate
3. Open the curtains and let light in – this signals to your circadian rhythm that sleep time is over
4. Do some light stretching to warm up your body
5. Eat breakfast soon after waking
6. Have something to look forward to

This can lead to a serious snooze button habit, which isn’t great for your sleep (even if it does feel wonderful to sink back under those warm covers for an extra 10 minutes).

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