7 dead bodies of members of same family found in riverbed

On Tuesday, January 24, seven dead bodies of members of the same family were discovered in a riverbed in Pune, Maharashtra. The local police suspect it to be a case of mass suicide but are investigating all possibilities.

According to authorities, the deceased included an elderly couple, their daughter, their son-in-law, and three grandchildren. Their remains were discovered in the Bhima river on the fringes of Yavat hamlet in Daund tehsil, around 45 kilometers from Pune city.

Four bodies were discovered near the Pargaon bridge in Daund on Monday, while the remaining three bodies were recovered today after extensive searches.

Pune police suspect it to be a case of mass suicide

While speaking to the media, a police officer said, “Bodies of seven members of a family fished out from Bhima river in Daund, Pune. Four bodies were recovered between 18 January to 21 January while three others were found today.”

“Prima facie it’s a suicide, however, police are investigating all angles. Accidental Death Report registered,” he added.

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