6 Unsexy Things Women Want In Bed

In this post, I discuss what women generally want in a romantic relationship. It is great as a discussion starter within your relationship, and also provides valuable information for men who want to understand their wives better.

It can also help women clarify and express their feelings even if they have previously been unable to verbalize or articulate to their husbands why they feel misunderstood or unhappy.

However, that post was a general overview, and I often get asked by male clients for a more specific version of what women want as it applies to sex. In this post, I cover what I have learned from both my 38 years on this planet as a woman and from talking to hundreds of female clients about their sexuality, desires, and preferences.

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Here are 6 unsexy things that women want in bed:

1. Take charge behavior

Many women are too shy to suggest it, but really want a man who takes charge in bed. In that post, I wrote:

“Most women who feel like they are the CEO of their house do not also want to be the CEO of the bedroom. (Of course, if your wife is more dominant in bed, you’ll already know, because by definition she will be acting more that way.)


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