6 best cooling bed sheets for summer, according to sleep consultants and coaches

We asked sleep coaches, consultants and experts: What are the best sheets to keep you cool this summer?

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Temperature matters to the quality of your sleep, research shows. Indeed, this study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that “the thermal environment is one of the most important factors that can affect human sleep.” The researchers added that: “Heat exposure increases wakefulness and decreases slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep.” And this study found that people who slept in hot rooms had elevated levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in the morning. So we decided to ask sleep coaches, consultants and experts: What are the best sheets to keep you cool this summer?


Molecule Percale Performance Sheets

From $109

Recomended by: ben Trapskin, founder of SleepSherpa.com, who has tested dozens and dozens of sheets say these are his favorite cooling sheets: “They’re a perfect blend of Tencel and cotton. At 52% cotton, you get a very familiar feel, but the 45% Tencel is what really makes these sheets stand out. Tencel is a fabric that will enhance the breathability of your sheets and will give them a softer feel.”
Material: Tencel, a soft and airy material that has water-absorbing properties, and cotton


Dream Zone by Wamsutta

From $176

Recommended by: Christine Stevens, a sleep consultant who was named to Tuck’s list of the “best sleep consultants of 2021.” She says these are her favorite cooling sheets, adding that they “are the coolest, most comfortable sheets I’ve ever owned.”
Material: 100% sateen weave, 1000 thread count, pure Pima cotton



From $179

Recommended by: Kelly Murray, award-winning sleep coach and member of the Sleep Sense advisory board: “I’m a big fan of linen sheets for thermoregulation and Brooklinen makes my favorite type. If you run hot at night, you want to make sure you’re sleeping in fibers that are light and breathable,” says Murray. The breathability of these linen sheets allows your body to regulate more easily at night so that you experience a more restful night’s sleep.”
Material: 100% European flax linen made in Portugal, OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety

“We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, so it’s important to ensure your bedding is made of fibers that won’t irritate your skin and linen is known for being both airy and cozy, as it’s made with flax. These particular sheets are made with European flax that’s certified against a list of over 350 harmful chemicals,” adds Murray.


Nolah Bamboo

From $149

Recommended by: Tony Klespis, accessories reviewer at Mattress Clarity: “They’ve been a staple in my bedroom for the past four or five months. Bamboo is a great material for cooling sheets because it’s breathable, and it can wick away moisture. Basically, overheating and night sweats are a nonissue here. I’m the type of person that takes a while to cool off after I climb into bed, so these sheets make that go a lot quicker, too,” says Klespis.
Material: 100% viscose from bamboo, which is naturally breathable


Boll & Branch Percale Hemmed Sheet Set

From $188

Recommended by Logan Foley, sleep science coach and managing editor at SleepFoundation.org: “I have a few cooling sheet sets that I recommend but my favorite ones are the Boll & Branch percale hemmed sheet set. These sheets offer a crisp feel and they don’t cling to the skin. They’re made out of breathable cotton and feature a percale weave which creates a very crisp feel against the skin. I also sleep on a high profile mattress and these sheets are great for mattresses up to 17 inches, so they don’t slip off the sides while I’m sleeping,” says Foley.
Material: 100% organic cotton


Luxome Luxury Bamboo cooling sheets

From $130

Recommended by Jenni June, certified sleep consultant and coach: “I choose bamboo over cotton cooling sheets for softness [and] breathability … Buying cooling sheets became a necessity once the notorious hot flashes from perimenopause kicked in hard this year, disrupting my night sleep. I was skeptical at first, but they are truly helpful and a purchase I don’t regret,” says June.
Material: 100% bamboo viscose, which is nnaturally moisture-wicking and thermal-regulating to help keep you cooler in summer


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