41-bed Siddha Covid care centre opened in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Health Department has opened a Siddha Covid care center at Periyar Maniammai Hospital in Periyar Thidal in Veperi.

In a statement Tuesday, the Ministry of Health said this 41-bed Covid care center was the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu.

The Tamil Nadu government has campaigned for integrated treatment to bring Covid cases under control and announced that it would be opening a Siddha Covid care center soon.

Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian had previously announced that the state would take an integrated treatment approach to curing Covid-19 and that the Indian medical system would be used in conjunction with allopathic drugs.

The minister issued a statement on Wednesday calling on people to use all available health facilities to keep Covid-19 infection at bay and stay healthy. He appealed to people to wear masks, adhere to social distancing, disinfection and regular hand washing.

The new Covid-19 cases in Tamil Nadu rose from 1,728 cases on Monday to 2,731 on Tuesday, and the test positive rate rose from 0.7 percent on December 30 to 2.6 percent on Tuesday, a quantum leap in the Covid-19 Numbers shows.


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