4-Year BEd to Transfer Policy, Major Changes Proposed by NEP for Academicians

The National Education Policy (NEP) adopted in 2020 offers a host of changes in the education scenario. This includes major policy level changes for teachers too. From making a four-year BEd a minimum qualification to continuous training for on-job teachers to changes in transfer policy. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for teachers in India.

Four-Year BEd by 2030

One of the key recommendations under NEP is to set the minimum qualification for teaching jobs to a four-year integrated BEd course by 2030. The new course will be a dual major with a holistic Bachelor’s degree and specialization in the subject as per the choice of the candidate.

A 2-year B.Ed for students who already received a Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in a subject may also be offered.

The NEP has also recommended the introduction of shorter post- B.Ed. certification courses that shall be made available at multidisciplinary colleges and universities.

Changes in TET

The Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) will also be changed as per the new school system that has been divided into four parts- foundational, preparatory, middle, and secondary.

All B.Ed. programs will include training in time-tested as well as the most recent techniques in pedagogy, including pedagogy with respect to foundational literacy and numeracy, multi-level teaching and evaluation, teaching children with disabilities, teaching children with special interests or talents, use of educational technology, and learner-centred and collaborative learning.

The courses will include practicum training in the form of in-classroom teaching at local schools and also emphasize the practice of the Fundamental Duties (Article 51A) of the Indian Constitution

Aptitude in focus

For subject teachers, a national-level common aptitude test will be held, following which the candidates will have to appear for a round of interviews or demonstrations.

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Teachers already in service shall participate in at least 50 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) every year.

Changes in transfer norms

The NEP proposes to halt teacher transfers unless under very special circumstances. The transfer will be done through a computerized process to ensure transparency

A National Professional Standards for Teachers (NPST) to determine various aspects of career management, efforts for professional development, and salary hikes will be set up. It will carry out teacher audits and professional appraisals as incentivizing better performance. The professional standard of NPTS shall be reviewed every 10 years.

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