4 ways to train yourself to go to bed earlier

Since smartphones entered our daily lives, we often find ourselves scrolling late into the night.

Here are four ways you can nudge yourself to sleep earlier – trust us, your morning self will be grateful.

Bear the consequences in at least

Putting off going to sleep can soon lead to more serious sleep deprivation, which should be avoided, says sleep specialist medic Alfred Wiater. After all, you need sleep to keep your immune system, cardiovascular system and metabolism healthy. A sleep deficit will also raise your risk for mistakes and accidents, Wiater says.

Understand what makes you procrastinate

Ask yourself what is making you procrastinate when it comes to heading off to bed, says psychologist Anna Hocker. Is it about finally getting a bit of time to yourself?

“Then you should bring more joy, lightness, freedom and meaningful activities into your day so that you don’t feel you have to steal this from the night,” says Hocker.

Discipline thanks to an alarm clock

The most important measure is to set an alarm clock, says Wiater and what he means is not when you want to get up but when you want to go to bed. The alarm will remind you of the time when you should usually go to bed to get the sleep you need.

Create your routine to help you wind down

Everyone rests better with an evening ritual, say sleep specialists. So try swapping scrolling on your smartphone for reading, doing a crossword, or a set of relaxation exercises, as all that will help you drop off to sleep sooner.

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