265 seats lying vacant in 32 B.Ed colleges in city

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Only 265 places are free in the city’s universities that offer B.Ed courses, although the Ministry of Higher Education opened a window on Tuesday for registration in the second additional round of central online advice for admission to teacher training courses.

A closer look at the list revealed that 3,135 of 3,400 seats in 32 colleges in the city are occupied.

While five colleges no longer have a seat for the second round of consultations, one seat is vacant in each of five other colleges.

Colleges with no vacancies include Akshay Academy, Cambridge International College, Colonel Fateh Jang College, Comp-Feeders College, and Oxford College.

Colleges with a vacancy include Arihant College, Aspire Institute, Gyanodaya Mahavidhyalaya, New Era College, and Shiva College of Education.

Those numbers came up when MPOnline, a state government service provider, released a list of vacancies at BEd colleges across the state for the second round of additional deliberations.

After established consultation rounds could not fill all seats, the universities requested the DHE to grant two additional admission rounds. DHE had initially been granted only one additional round. On Monday, the DHE also allowed a second additional round.

Further training advice: All quota places in group B occupied

All places reserved for SC / ST and OBC candidates in Group B were filled by Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya on the first day of the second round of CET deliberations.

On Tuesday, the DAVV started the second round of consultations for almost 600 places in 41 self-financed courses from 16 chairs. The courses are divided into groups, namely Group A, Group B and Group C.

While Group A comprises postgraduate courses and is dominated by the MBA program, Group B is intended exclusively for professional after-school programs. Group C is also for extracurricular programs and is dominated by science and engineering disciplines.

On Tuesday, the DAVV called on students in reserved categories for advice on courses in group B and group A.

In the evening the DAVV announced that there were no more quota places in group B. On Wednesday, students in the economically weaker and unreserved category were invited to join groups A and B.

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Posted on: Wednesday October 27, 2021 12:50 AM IST


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