25 Space-Saving Bunk Bed Ideas

bunk bed ideas

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Bunk beds aren’t only reserved for children’s rooms. While kids find them fun — especially the act of climbing up and down and having the option to be above or below — there’s a charm that bunk beds can bring to adults. They’re practical, convenient, space-saving solutions for small rooms. So if you’re looking to maximize your space and add style to your bedroom at the same time, we’re sharing chic bunk bed ideas to inspire your next look.

Bunk beds are great for a kid’s room, a primary bedroom or even a guest bedroom. So if you want to upgrade your design scheme with this particular type of bed, there are a few things to consider before searching for the right one. Make sure your bunk bed of choice is sturdy and the right size to fit the layout of your room. After considering these variables, also plan how the bunk bed will fit in with the overall aesthetic of the room. Regardless of whether you want a modern, bohemian, coastal or moody feel, these ideas will help you choose the perfect bunk bed look.

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Deck out the bunk beds in your guest room with a mini staircase. These bunk beds by Cortney Bishop Design have a pastel green and white palette.

Maximize your space by designing bunk beds within the wall. Designate an area by the stairs or in the corner of a room for a unique built-in setup.


Use old vintage wood furniture

If you’re looking to make the bunk beds on your own, use simple pieces of wood to put everything together. These beds have a playful yet simple design that make it comfortable for kids.

Design the staircase and wall with wood, making the rest of the all-white room and bed structure stand out — similar to this look by House of Jade Interiors.

If you’re unsure of how to decorate your guest bedroom, go for pastel shades. Think soft fern, smoke and cloud white. Design your bunk bed to match the overall decor, including any wicker furniture, as seen in this room.


Bring on the beachy vibes

If you can’t take the kids to the beach, bring the seashore vibes right to their room. This includes an ocean-inspired rug, red and blue-striped bedding, and a stepping ladder fit for a captain climbing on a ship.

The bottom of a bunk bed doesn’t have to be a twin. A full bed can be an unexpected option, providing there’s enough space. Parents can sleep on the bottom and their little one can climb to the top if there are ever any nighttime fears.

Design by Nicole Fisher of BNR Interiors »

Fill out the entire room with a bunk bed for three. This arrangement by Erin Williamson Design is great for an attic or smallest room in the house.

Design a bunk bed around a nautical theme to bring a cool and comforting feel to your kid’s bedroom.


Don’t Forget to Add Storage

Nicole Fisher of BNR Interiors gave this large room extra storage by building shelving and drawers into the lower portion of the bunk beds. This leaves plenty of space for kids to store their toys, books and seasonal clothes.

If your home isn’t set up for a designated office space, placing a compact workstation near a bunk bed is the next best thing. Just stick to the same color scheme to achieve a cohesive feel.

Design by Leslie Cotter Interiors »

This room by House of Eilers has a playful and girly feel—perfect for your little princesses. The low-profile wood structure is simple and makes a great addition to a neutral bedroom.


Create a Dark and Moody Theme


Think Ahead for the Kids Room

It’s always fun to decorate a kid’s room around a specific theme. The perfect example? Mother Nature. Simply go for a mix of botanical and animal prints, but stick to white bunk beds to bring balance to the room.

Get the look at In Honor of Design »

Jenny Keenan Design opted for classic white shiplap walls and a sleek wood bunk bed for this airy setup. A woven basket for greenery and a striped rug and stool add to the warmth.

Take a cue from Becki Owens and deck out a black bunk bed with a decorative railing in a gold finish. The contrast is an easy way to boost a bedroom’s visual appeal.

For a rustic look, you can’t go wrong with mixing wood tones. This room’s light wood walls act as the perfect counterpoint to the dark bunk bed frame.

Design by Bria Hammel Interiors »


Design the Perfect Playroom

Make the most of your kid’s space by setting up a play area alongside bunk beds for even more fun.


Opt for Deep Rich Colors


Leave space for a night stand

Leave space below for a handy piece of furniture — such as a nightstand — to place a lamp and make room for nighttime essentials. Don’t forget to include florals, as seen in this space by Madison Nicole Design.


Swap out the bottom bunk

Looking for a way to mix things up? Swap out the bottom bunk for an ottoman or lounge chair.


Install a Built-in Bunk Bed

Designed by Demilio Design, this bunk bed is cleverly hidden by velvet curtains. This installation not only saves space — it makes a unique addition to any room.


Design on Intricate Railing

Whether your bunk bed is for you or your kids, a substantial railing helps to prevent anyone from falling. Try a criss-cross design to make the set stand out, similar to this one by Martha O’Hara Interiors and JPC Custom Homes.

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