2022 Ram Rebel G/T | Take a closer look tailgate and bed

Take a closer look at the 2022 Ram Rebel G/T tailgate and bed. It has a trifold tonneau cover, rail dividers, and a bed liner. The 2022 Ram Rebel is an off-road-tuned full-size pickup truck that competes against Ford and Chevy trucks.

video transcript

GREG MIGLIORE: hey everybody It’s Greg Migliore, and this is the tailgate of the Ram Rebel GT. Let’s take a look here.

This is bright red, of course. You get the dual exhaust on each side, putting all the exhaust out for that big V8. Let’s come on in here. All right, let’s have a look– look inside. All right, this one comes equipped with a tonneau cover, which is nice. You can come on in here. It has the bed liner, whatever you might want to put back here, I’ve put golf clubs. I’ve put flowers back there. It’s been a busy weekend for me.

Some of the other nice features that come with the inside of the Ram here available on a number of trim levels, but this Rebel GT I have is nicely equipped. I like the tonneau cover. I think it’s a nice feature. You get some of the other things here like the clips, the rails, things like that. So it’s a very usable truck. That’s the inside of the Ram Rebel GT.

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