2 school teachers accused of going into wrong apartment, getting in bed before shooting tenant

Two elementary school drunkards walked into the wrong house in Florida, and one eventually shot and killed a man who lived there.

Two physical education teachers at a Florida elementary school were accused of entering the wrong apartment, and one of the burglars shot and killed a real tenant who lived there.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Darius Cohen and Battery hallback spent the night of October 10 drinking at some bars in Vero Beach, local media reported. Afterward, Cohen drove to an apartment complex owned by a local woman; Hallback was waiting for her in her apartment. Cohen waited outside for a few hours but eventually had to go to the bathroom and contacted Hallback.

Hallback went out to get Cohen, but when the two 26-year-old men walked in, they entered the unlocked door of the wrong apartment where a family lived.

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Alcoholic elementary school teachers Akkua Hallback (left) and Darius Cohen (right) walked into the wrong Florida apartment this month, and Cohen eventually shot and killed a real tenant who lived there. (Photos: Indian River Sheriff’s Office)

“When they went to the wrong apartment, they went in [an apartment with] a couple with children in their house, ”Sheriff Eric Rivers said WPBF.

Authorities alleged that Cohen was using the bathroom and Hallback climbed into the couple’s bed, assuming it was the woman’s who Hallback knew.

“The woman was originally the one who heard her and alerted her husband; she started screaming his name, ”said Sheriff Eric flowers. “So he spoke to the one who was lying in bed and tried to keep her quiet because of the children in the house.”

The unknown victim took the two men outside, where the confrontation continued and escalated. A surveillance video showed a fight that had broken out and four shots. The tenant of the house landed with a bullet in his back.

The victim ran to a neighbor’s apartment for help.

“I woke up to a man getting into bed and when I got up I met another man in my apartment and we got into a fight and in the end I was shot,” said Flowers, describing what the victim was told him to WPFW news.

Cohen and Hallback left the scene, but the men were later found. A call came in to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Crime Stoppers office after the two were recognized on their Facebook page.

Cohen admitted to authorities that he shot the unidentified man but claimed to be defending himself and said the gun was fired when an attempt was made to wrest it away. He is charged with attempted murder. Hallback, who was found with Adderall in his backpack, was charged with possession of a controlled substance. It can also be charged later as an accessory.

Police also said they found two guns in the house that Cohen and Hallback share with another teacher. Tests are carried out to determine if a weapon was used in shooting.

“Just send a message that nothing good is going to happen after midnight,” Flowers said.

The two men have also lost their jobs as PE teachers. Cohen has taught at Indian River Academy and Hallback has taught at Sebastian Elementary.

“This is very disappointing for us as a school system,” said headmaster Dr. David Moore said to WPTV. “There is no room for that in our school system, there is no room for that in our community.”

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