16 Bed-Stuy Schools Dealing With COVID-19 Cases: DOE

BED-STUY, BROOKLYN – A week after the city began vaccinating teenagers against COVID-19, 16 schools in Bed-Stuy are still busy with virus prevention protocols, according to the Ministry of Education.

As of Friday morning, 14 schools in the neighborhood had either partially quarantined or completely closed class due to coronavirus exposure, according to the Department of Education’s interactive map. A 15th and 16th schools had quarantines outside of the classroom, which meant that an employee who normally doesn’t work in a classroom was exposed to the card or tested positive.

Four of the schools, two of which share a building, had full classrooms closed while most were only partially closed, meaning that only a subset of students in a classroom need to be quarantined while others can continue to attend school .

The positive cases come when Bed-Stuy finally reaches the 50 percent full vaccination rate for all age groups. Parts of the neighborhood are struggling with some of the lowest vaccination rates in town.

Here were the school suitcases in Bed-Stuy:

  • Ocean Hill College Charter School:
    • A partial class quarantine will take place between November 16 and 22.
  • Brooklyn High School of Law and Technology:
    • Quarantine outside the classroom will apply from November 19-26.
  • PS 021 Crispus attacks:
    • There are five partial quarantines in the classroom, all but one of which will end on November 20th.
  • PS 262 El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Primary School:
    • A partial class quarantine applies from November 11th to 19th.
  • Charter school La Cima:
    • A full class closure will take place from November 13th to 20th.
  • Bedford Stuyvesant College Charter School:
    • There is a full class closure and two partial class closings. The school shares a building with La Cima.
  • EMBER Charter School for Mindful Education, Innovation and Transformation:
    • A full classroom closure and partial classroom closure are envisaged, both ending on November 19th.
  • Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy’s Charter School:
    • There are three partial quarantines in the classroom, all of which end on November 19 or 20.
  • PS081 Squidward Stevens:
    • The classrooms will be partially closed between November 19 and 26.
  • PS059 William Floyd:
    • The classrooms will be partially closed between November 17th and 26th.
  • Success Academy Charter School on Park Avenue:
    • A partial class quarantine applies from November 12th to 20th.
  • PS 297 Abraham Stockton:
    • An extracurricular quarantine applies until November 26th. PS 297 shares a building with the Success Academy.
  • Bedford Academy High School:
    • There are three partial quarantines in the classroom, all of which end on November 27th.
  • Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School:
    • There are two partial quarantines in the classroom, one ending on November 20th and the other ending on November 22nd.
  • PS 003 The Bedford Village:
    • Three classrooms are closed, one until November 20th and two until November 25th.
  • Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Uncommon Prep Charter School:
    • Five partial school closings are planned. All end between November 19th and November 22nd.

Once a common problem for parents, school closings have become far less frequent this year thanks to a revised guideline from the DOE.

The launch of the vaccine for children ages 5-11 began last Monday thanks to federal approval. Long lines and supply shortages quickly plagued some school vaccination centers – although Mayor Bill de Blasio cited this as a positive sign of strong interest.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the response at the school level,” he said last week. About 17,000 children received their injections in the first three days.

The vaccination sites will be set up in New York City public schools for second doses later this month.

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