You are in bed with your partner and it gets hot. Out of nowhere he runs his fingers over your hands and mumbles softly ‘you have incredibly beautiful hands‘Then you know your ovaries are about to explode! Small things aren’t that small, are they?

Read on as these women reveal the favorite things their partners did to them that they can’t stop thinking about.

1. “I love feeling a man’s boner through his pants before we get to it, while we are lying down or making out or whatever. It’s exciting to know that he has something sexy on his mind and is ready to take it out on you. “

2. “Let me tremble in anticipation instead of diving straight in. I like a man who appreciates the beauties of gently dancing around him until I’m built up so that only light air can blow on my sweet spots . It makes me feel like he is actually enjoying my body instead of using it to ease himself. “

3. “Lying in bed together, read a separate book and ask him to come to me for a section of what he enjoys and then he will be piqued by his passionate interest.”

4. “To hear the absolutely lovely words: ‘Good girl’. Compliments for being good are great. “

5. “I love it when a guy runs his hand through my hair and tugs at it while he kisses my neck! Makes me crazy! “

6. “Snuggled, snuggled and verbal ‘I love you’ before, during and especially after.”

7. “I like it when he moans or grunts. I hate guys who at least don’t moan or grunt. Let us know you’re enjoying yourself.

8. “When a guy puts his hand in my pants while driving a car. I wear a skirt if possible, and if it’s long enough, no underwear when I go on a date.”

9. “He thanks me for giving him the head. He really doesn’t have to, but he does it every time.”

10. “I like it when they try to find out what you like, but not by asking them over and over again.

– Srishti

11. “If he attacks me – easy.”

– Anonymous

12. “He always grabs a piece of clothing to clean up the after party he left on my stomach, ass, back, tits, etc. I think it’s cute that he takes care of me right after he’s done and I want to wipe myself clean. “

13. “To look me in the eyes when you go deep inside me. Take the lead. MAKE NOISE.”

14. “Sometimes he really lets go. He lays his head on my neck and holds me as close as possible. The noises and the passion make me feel like the most desirable woman in the world. ”

15. “The guy I’ve had the best sex with so far held me in his arms and ran his nose up my stomach to my neck, kissed my arms and complimented my body. When we actually had sex, he always made me feel like he wanted me so badly that he couldn’t help it. It was one of the sexiest and most flattering things anyone has ever done to me. “

Men, you never know, the smallest thing you will do is stay with them for life.