15 Now-You-Know Facts That We Won’t Kick Out Of Bed

“It’s the first day of spring,” said Mrs. Jones, her voice as sharp and hard as a needle.

I was at work that morning in our kitchen, making sandwiches and cleaning out the fridge when I heard Mrs Jones call me into the hallway. I’d been working there since before Christmas, so she knew me well enough to not have called me into the hall without reason. “Come in here!” Mrs Jones commanded, but her tone of voice made me feel like she didn’t want me to hear what she had to say. “I’m going upstairs now.” Her tone softened as she went up the stairs to our bedroom. I could hear the sound of water running from inside the bathroom.

“What’s wrong?”

“Look,” she pointed.

The bathtub was full, and words were forming in the water on their own. They eventually spelled out a list of fifteen facts, and the list started with …

Japan masked up long before Corona.

Citizens of Japan have worn face masks for a lot longer than just the COVID pandemic.  CRACKED.COM Surgical masks in Japan are not only used to prevent sickness but are used for fashion, warmth, and sometimes avoiding conversation with strangers.


The Queen has a singing novelty fish in her summer home.

Queen Elizabeth owns a Big Mouth Billy Bass.  CRACKED.COM She keeps it above the piano at her Scottish highland retreat Balmoral.  It is thought the toy is possibly a gift from one of her grandchildren.


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