14 Good Black Friday Deals on Those Bed-In-A-Box Mattresses

Don’t be put up with a sagging mattress or an ugly box spring bed. Almost all of the major mattress brands and retailers are running Black Friday sales decently enough to make this weekend a reasonable day to upgrade. These are the best Black Friday mattress deals that are still valid.

Assuming you know the size you need, there is an important decision you have to make as you look at our top picks below. Would you like a pure foam mattress in the “bed in a box” or one with a layer of pocket spring core? Pure foam mattresses are simpler up to an apartment on the 5th spring.

WIRED’s Black Friday Edits

Brook + Wilde has 45 percent off the entire website for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (applied at checkout), and that includes our preferred Elite option. The Elite offers eight layers – including a memory foam layer – 2,500 pocket springs and is available in “soft”, “medium” or “firm” as required. The cheapest single mattress is just £ 540, while if you are lucky enough to have a super king size bed you can get £ 559 off now – down to £ 840.

Like Brook and Wilde, Simba is promoting huge discounts across the site this shopping season. One of our top picks, the Hybrid Pro, can be picked up for £ 681 for a double and £ 780 for a king, with more options also available. This Pro mattress uses an Aerocoil spring for improved support and comfort, as well as a layer of wool to keep you cool during the night. If you are looking for a deep mattress this Black Friday, the Simba is your best option.

For Black Friday, Made has reduced this king-size mattress to the same price as you’d normally find its double option while sitting. It’s a 3,000-feather, medium-strength pick with each feather encased in a piece of cloth so each one can move independently with your body. This makes this a great mattress for those who don’t want to disturb their partner (or vice versa).

The Nectar memory foam mattress is one of the best options if you’ve felt unsupported for a long time in bed. Regardless of whether you lower your head for a good night’s sleep or sit up to watch a little TV, the Nectar ensures, as soon as it is placed in your bed frame, for little pressure in the wrong places and adapts to your sleeping position. It uses a three-layer design to provide that support along with great comfort. This Black Friday, Nectar is touting 45 percent on every mattress, and it’s not quite half compared to recent prices, a nice £ 32 off that inexpensive twin mattress isn’t bad.

The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress is one of the more expensive options available to you when considering goods from one of the many bed-in-a-box retailers. The Premium Hybrid deserves its luxury price because it is ideal for restless sleepers. Thanks to this luxurious mattress, you and your partner can spend your nights at will on your own side of the bed without disturbing the other.

The Casper Hybrid aims to have everything for everyone, and it could appeal to just as many this Black Friday with a decent chunk of the money. This mattress features its AirScape technology to keep you cool during the night, while its breathability doesn’t mean it neglects support, with three zones aimed at taking good care of your spine.

Who needs foam? Instead, the Hypnos Ortho Gold Deluxe relies on “natural” fibers. There is a cashmere layer, a wool layer and a cotton layer. Hynos also uses recycled plastics in its Solotex and eOlus upholstery. The hand-tufted filling gives this mattress a “classic” feel, while the 3-zone pocket spring core ensures modern ergonomics. This one isn’t cheap, but having a firm support should help you avoid back pain. The Land of Beds Black Friday sale effectively takes you from a “little” double to a standard double, in addition to a huge saving.

Soak and Sleep takes a more traditional approach than the trending mattress brands. His Soak and Sleep Latex 3000 combines two of the best technologies for a good night’s sleep. These are pocket springs and latex foam. Up to 3000 pocket springs sit on the underside of the mattress, and on the top there is a 24mm latex foam layer for just the right amount of body-sculpting squish. the BF20 Code takes 20% off the company’s mattresses to save £ 146 and more depending on the size you need. The Classic Memory Foam 1000 Pocket line is also worth a look if you’re looking to spend less.

Mattress veteran Silentnight is not afraid of the changing times and this is shown by this environmentally friendly sleep companion. It’s made with sustainable fibers that will still keep you cool at night, while the mattress is fully recyclable. In addition to the comfort and eco-chops, the Silentnight range currently has a 20% discount on the entire John Lewis range, which brings this affordable mattress even further down.

If you are looking for a glamorous night’s sleep 365 days a year, the Tempur brand is the right choice. The high prices are also cut by £ 200 at John Lewis for Black Friday, which makes them more welcoming than usual. The Tempur mattress deserves its price with a luxurious, soft fabric cover on the top of your mattress and individually inserted steel springs inside. The memory foam gently adapts to your sleeping position and at the same time absorbs movements for individual comfort.

If it ever occurred to you that you want a more natural mattress solution, be it for allergenic or other reasons, Otty has a clever option – and it got heavily discounted on this Black Friday mattress sale. The material combination of bamboo and charcoal makes it ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, for sensitive skin as well as for those who like to keep it cool at night. Price above is for the single option, but you can now pick up double (£ 495) for £ 400 off.


During Black Friday, the bed-in-a-box mattress brand Emma is offering up to 50 percent discounts on the entire website. It’s not really much on this mattress compared to previous prices lately, but it’s a welcome little discount nonetheless. One of the beneficiaries is its excellent original mattress. It’s a supportive mattress, the breathable nature of which makes it one of the best for regulating temperature during the night. Together with the discount on the double room selected here, the selection of single, small double, king and super king mattresses as well as the other ranges outside of the outstanding original is reduced.

The Sealy Nostromo – yes, it’s called that and, no, we don’t know if an alien comes as an extra extra – is a medium-grip mattress for the sleeper who wants both comfort and support. This is ensured by an army of 1,400 pocket springs. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers as its hypoallergenic materials receive a recommendation from Allergy UK.

This is a “box-top” mattress with the top padding sewn into a separate section. It looks a bit like one mattress on top of another mattress, but the two are connected, not separate. There are up to 2000 pocket springs in the underframe, while the above-average thicker top part gives this bed a softer feel, without the slowly springy character of pure memory foam. This double size mattress is at the time of writing a whopping £ 909 direct from Silentnight. Much less at Amazon.

WIRED’s Black Friday Edits


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