11 Best Metal Bed Frames 2022

best metal bed frames

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Trying to build the bed of your dreams? You’re obv going to need a quality mattress, a set of super-soft sheets, some plush pillows for resting your precious head, and (perhaps most importantly) a pretty bed frame to pull it all together. If your aesthetic is modern or industrial, then a metal bed frame is the way to go—though tbh, the best metal bed frames can be incorporated into any kind of décor. Plus, metal and steel bed frames are solid, durable, versatile, and can withstand a large amount of weight, so ya really can’t go wrong. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of our faves.

Our top picks for metal bed frames for 2022:

From platform beds to daybeds to canopy beds, metal frames come in all sorts of designs, and we’ve got all the best ones rounded up for you here. And jsyk, the prices listed are for queen-size frames (except for the daybed option), but all of our selects are available in a variety of bed sizes. Read on for details on all our favorites, as well as everything you should know before investing in a metal bed frame for your boudoir.

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best basic metal bed frame

Hampton Steel Bed Frame

  • versatile and budget-friendly
  • bed corners are *very* sharp

Looking for something simple and chic? This budget-friendly steel frame has clean lines and a slat system to support your mattress, so there’s no need to buy a box spring. It also has slots on the legs that let you pair it with the headboard of your choice and tons of room for under-bed storage. As a bonus, it’s SO easy to assemble.

THE REVIEWS: “This is NOT your ordinary bed frame! It is fantastic,” one review reads. “It comes beautifully packed in a large heavy carton. All parts are there, clearly marked, with instructions a child could follow. And this thing is STURDY! We have an enormous memory foam mattress on it and it’s not going anywhere.”

best traditional metal bed frame

Mason Shadow Bed

This gorgeous option from Crate&Barrel puts a lil twist on the classic iron bed with a gently rounded headboard and footboard—plus, the soft charcoal powdercoat is just *chef’s kiss.* Thanks to its solid iron and steel tubing, this bed is guaranteed to last for years (and lucky for you, it’ll never go out of style).

THE REVIEWS: “I wanted an iron bed with simple lines and this bed fit the bill,” says one reviewer. “Not only is it sleek and classy but very stable and strong. Love it!!”

best trendy metal bed frame

Bushwick Metal Bed

  • pretty great quality for the price

For something with a lil more visual interest, go with this stylish stunner from Novogratz. Available in five colors and two base height options, this industrial-chic frame features decorative round finial posts on the headboard and footboard and doesn’t require you to add a box spring. Oh, and can we talk about that price tag?

THE REVIEWS: According to one reviewer, “My boyfriend and I assembled it in 30 mins. Doesn’t squeak, super solid, pretty, and a quality product! Kind of shocked at how good it is! Skip the expensive furniture store and get this!”

best vintage metal bed frame

Caval Bed

  • solid and stable without compromising on style
  • definitely on the pricing side

If you’re willing to splurge a bit on your dream bed, then feast your eyes on this beaut from Joss & Main. This bb has a vintage-inspired spindle back and gorgeous arch design, and thanks to its durable slat system, it doesn’t require a box spring. Sturdy, stylish, and super easy to assemble—what more could ya want??

THE REVIEWS: “Absolutely GORGEOUS bed!” reads one review. “Solid metal, extremely heavy, [and] such a high quality bed. Came in 3 huge boxes and I was a bit intimidated, but it was the easiest assembly. Had solid wood slats, which is so rare these days. This is a bed that will last a lifetime.”

best modern metal bed frame

Alchemy Bed

  • not everyone likes its very low profile

Not looking for a statement-making bed frame that’ll change the vibe of your room? Then this low-profile frame from CB2 is your best bet. It’s available with a matte black or bronze powder coat, depending on your aesthetic, and since it’s got wooden slats, you don’t need to invest in a box spring.

THE REVIEWS: According to one review, “This is perfect for a small apartment. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s looks very modern and simple and yet it’s sturdy, and great quality overall.”

best minimalist metal bed frame

Metal Platform Bed Frame

  • easily assembled and well constructed
  • some dislike the adhesive strips used to hold mattress in place

Featuring heavy-duty steel construction with metal slat support (aka no box spring necessary!), this simple platform bed from Mellow is a solid choice. It comes in two colors, as well as two height options, and reviewers love it for the rounded corners, ridiculously easy assembly process, and ofc, the price.

THE REVIEWS: “I obsessively read reviews on a thousand different bed frames before I finally decided to get this one,” one reviewer writes. “We have had it for about 2 months now, and I love it! It is very sturdy, very quiet, and has so much under-the-bed storage. Def would recommend.”

best industrial metal bed frame

Maddie Bed

  • goes with just about any aesthetic

Looking for a frame that’ll match any vibe? Say hello to this timeless option from Lulu and Georgia, which features delicate iron tubing to give it a breezy, airy look. Ya, it’s a lil pricey, but the design will never go out of style and it’s made to last, so it’s an investment worth making.

THE REVIEWS: “Fabulous bed!” one reviewer writes. “Looks great in person—sturdy, [and] no issues so far!”

best metal frame daybed

Classic Metal Daybed Frame

  • versatile and very easy to assemble
  • can only support up to 220 pounds

If you need a bed frame for a guest room (or have a bedroom with limited space), then a daybed—like this pretty choice from VECELO—is the perfect solution. Available in white or black and in classic or modern styles, this twin-size metal frame doesn’t require a box spring, and it’s got plenty of space beneath it for storage or even a trundle bed.

THE REVIEWS: As one review reads, “I wasn’t really expecting much for the cost when I ordered this bed. Surprise, it’s great! Easy to assemble by myself, arrived quickly in perfect condition, and looks fantastic.”

Best metal frame canopy bed

Rosedale Metal Canopy Bed

  • surprisingly stable for the price
  • some reviewers say you need to add a box spring

Anyone who wants to feel like royalty while they snooze needs a canopy bed, and this metal frame option from DHP is such a steal. Available in black, white, or gold, this sleek and modern four-poster canopy bed looks *so* luxurious for the price, and reviewers say it’s definitely sex-proof—no squeaking here!

THE REVIEWS: “OMG I love my bed,” one tester writes. “I’ve had it up for almost over a year and I still haven’t had any problems with it. Very sturdy {wink wink}!!! People are so surprised when I tell them I got my bed from Amazon because it looks very expensive.”

best budget metal bed frame

Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame

  • edges are sharp and adhesive strips may damage mattress

Not looking to drop a ton of $$ on your new frame? This platform option from Zinus (which has over 27,000 five-star reviews, nbd) is calling your name. Available in four different height options, this frame is minimalist and modern with a super-strong foundation, no need for a box spring, and a design that allows for tons of under-bed storage.

THE REVIEWS: “Super easy to assemble and take apart,” one tester says. “Lightweight yet super sturdy! Just tall enough to fit thin bins underneath without being too tall and having too much extra wasted space. Have had it for many years and still works great—no bends or anything.”

best heavy duty metal bed

Lean On Me Bed

  • incredibly well-made and sturdy

Think a metal frame can’t look cozy? think again Canadian company Sundays managed to make a steel-frame bed look like a fuzzy dream by wrapping it in textured bouclé and adding a soft, upholstered headboard. It’s available in three colors and perfectly combines the structure of a metal frame with the warmth of an upholstered bed—and with no box spring required.

THE REVIEWS: “This is one of the rare times I wish there was a scale that went to 11/10,” writes one tester. “If you are reading this, you most likely have a few tabs open and are searching for the ‘best’ bed frame at a ‘reasonable’ cost. Stop searching. This is it…THIS. IS. THE. ONE.”

Are metal bed frames better than wood frames?

There’s no clear winner when it comes to metal vs. wooden bed frames, as both have pros and cons. But if you value stability and durability, metal has wood beat. For instance, metal beds are impervious to pests, require little maintenance, and are less likely than wood frames (and wooden slats) to warp or crack over time. Metal frames also tend to be easier to assemble and are usually more lightweight, which is great if you’re someone who frequently rearranges your bedroom.

Ofc, metal frames aren’t perfect. Metal furniture can feel kinda severe, as it lacks the warmth and coziness of wood, and metal bed frames are notorious for squeaking, especially as they get older. They may even rust over time if they’re made from low-grade steel, so it’s important to look for a metal bed made with high-quality materials. Speaking of which…

How to choose the best metal bed frame

Unless you want to get stuck with a creaky, squeaky metal frame, there are a few things you’ll want to keep mind as you shop:

Check out the weight capacity

Metal frames may be durable, but you’ll still want to make sure the frame you choose is strong enough to support both you and whoever else may be sleeping over in your bed—especially if the frame has wooden slats rather than metal ones. Most beds will tell you the maximum weight capacity they can handle, so be sure your choice is a good fit for you and your current ~sleeping solution.~

Make sure it’s sturdy

Again, the biggest issue with metal bed frames is their tendency to squeak, which can be caused by age, loose screws, and poorly-made parts. Unsurprisingly, lower-quality metal beds tend to loosen up and start creaking much more easily than well-made, tightly constructed beds, so if you do go with a budget option, make sure the screws and bolts are tight (and that the reviews don ‘t all complain about constant wobbling).

Look for frames with easy assembly

A bed that’s easy to put together won’t just save you precious time—it also means you’re far less likely to make a mistake while assembling. If reviewers consistently mention how easy a bed was to assemble, then that’s av good sign for you other your blood pressure. Just saying!

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