10 ways to ‘prevent’ first frost from ruining your plants – including bed sheet hack

8. Bubble wrap

This is a more common hack known to gardeners, and works great for protecting a variety of garden plants, including banana plants. Using bubble wrap helps to insulate them as the trapped warm air prevents frost from appearing.

The gardening experts noted: “Try not to wrap them too tightly on the plants. Otherwise, it can suffocate them.” Bubble wrap can be left throughout the winter, and can help to stop the roots freezing.

9. Don’t bin any infected plants

If you forget to protect any plants and they do get damaged from the frost, don’t automatically assume they need to be thrown away. The pros added: “Regrowth tends to happen once the plants are back in warmer temperatures, so if you notice frost is causing damage – take them inside until they’re looking healthier.

10. Invest in a greenhouse

The gardening experts continued: “If you’re struggling to keep the frost at bay, it’s worth investing in a mini greenhouse for the garden for extra reassurance that the plants will survive.”

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