10 Best Bed Frames of 2021

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As the centerpiece of a bedroom, a bed frame can seriously upgrade the aesthetics of your room. Think of the frame as your decorative piece, your base to decorate the rest of the bed, ”advises Hillary Levy, interior designer at New York-based Lisa Kaye Designs. “You want something that doesn’t overtake the room and looks heavy.”

In addition to the look, a bed frame can also offer additional storage space, be it through a large amount of space under the bed or built-in drawers. To help you find it, we have created a guide outlining the main factors to consider when choosing a bed frame, as well as 10 options to consider based on aesthetics, material and height.

How to choose the right bed frame


The height of your bed frame can have a significant impact on the overall feel of the room. “A rule of thumb I like to drive by is the smaller the room, the lower the frame,” says Levy. A lower bed frame, for example, makes the room seem bigger than it is, she explains. On the other hand, a high bed feels cramped and small in a small space. If space is tight, Levy recommends choosing a platform frame. If the room is larger, consider a higher bed frame or box spring bed to increase the height of the mattress. Remember that a higher height can also provide more space under the bed for practical storage purposes.


The two main material options are wood and metal, but some can also be upholstered in fabric or leather. This is a matter of personal preference and should be selected based on how the room is set up. Levy suggests a light wood and adds that it is suitable for a warm yet open space.


In terms of aesthetics, consider the headboard and how it adds to the overall design of the room. Some bed frames come with a headboard attached, while others come free-standing with the option to add one. You should also consider how the bed frame will fit into the overall space in the room. Levy says you want two to three feet on either side and the front of the bed so you can move around the room freely. Remember that a headboard can add several inches to the frame.

As we chose

To create this guide, we spoke to Hillary Levy, an interior designer at New York-based Lisa Kaye Designs, and Stacy Lewis, an interior designer at Eternity Modern, a mid-century modern furniture store in California. Kaye, who has over 25 years of residential interior design experience, shared her top recommendations on the factors to consider when choosing a bed frame, including height, material, and aesthetics. We have evaluated bed frames made from different materials and at different heights to suit the style and needs of each bedroom, such as bedroom size and storage options. As a final measure, we took into account the customer ratings of top quality bed frames for quality and long term usage on retail sites like Wayfair and Amazon.

Upholstered headboard

Mercer41 Boswell Full Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed


$ 189.87

Important specifications

  • Material: Wood and linen upholstery
  • Height from the ground: 6 inches
  • Size options: Full, queen, king

“A nice upholstered headboard adds a bit of modern elegance to any room,” says Levy. As a great option, she recommends the Boswell Platform Bed, which is also available in different colors. The upholstery is made of polyester imitation linen and the bed frame is available in black, light beige, brown, burgundy and gray. Thanks to its wooden slats at a distance of 10 cm, this platform bed does not require a box spring bed. While you may prefer the flat look, keep in mind that the space under the bed is only 4 inches.

  • Payable
  • Many color and size options
  • Some reviewers complained that the color was different from the photos

Versatile framework

Wade Logan Black Avel Upholstered platform bed

Wade Logan

$ 203.33

Important specifications

  • Material: Wood, fabric, polyester
  • Height from the ground: 3 inches.
  • Size options: Full, queen, king

For an upholstered option that isn’t tufted, Levy recommends a minimalist frame like this one. She adds that a simple and modern setting is a versatile choice that will fit a wide variety of spaces. This option also features a rubber lock design which ensures the slats and your mattress stay firm and silent. You can choose between black, dark gray and light gray.

  • Elegant, minimalist style
  • Payable
  • Fabric quality can be at the bottom

Minimalistic frame

Winston Porter Karlsefni platform bed

Winston Porter

$ 154.55

Important specifications

  • Material: metal
  • Height from the ground: 13 in
  • Size options: king

Levy recommends the Karlsefni Platform Bed as the perfect choice for a smaller room. The design is very light and won’t dominate the space, she says. At the same time, the 13 inches under the bed gives you plenty of extra storage space that can be handy for a more compact bedroom.

  • Minimalistic design
  • High ground clearance
  • Some reviewers said the bed squeaked?

Built-in memory

All like platform bed frame with 4 drawers

All like

$ 229.99

Important specifications

  • Material: Steel, covered with linen fabric
  • Height from the ground: 11.8 in
  • Size options: queen

The Allewie bed frame is equipped with four drawers, two on both sides. According to Lewis, this integrated storage space is the ideal choice for people with smaller spaces. “It has a minimalist but spacious and modern look created by padded linen fabric in square seams and button placket, but sturdy enough to hold multiple people,” she says.

  • Additional storage space
  • Adjustable headboard
  • Some reviewers found it difficult to assemble

Easy construction

Zinus Van 16 inch metal platform bed frame


$ 180.00

$ 152.91 (15% off)

Important specifications

  • Material: metal
  • Height from the ground: 14, 16 or 18 inches.
  • Size options: Twin, full, queen, king

The Zinus Van Metal Platform Bed is a practical and affordable bed frame made from sturdy alloy steel that is easy to assemble. It’s also available in a variety of height options, including 14, 16, and 18-inch under-bed spacing. If you are looking for a sleek bed frame that is easy to assemble and offers plenty of storage space, this is the perfect choice.

  • Easy to assemble
  • High ground clearance
  • Payable
  • Without drawers, it can be difficult to use all of the space under the bed

Best wooden bed frame

Zinus Alexia wooden platform bed frame

Important specifications

  • Material: wood
  • Height from the ground: 12 inches
  • Size options: Twin, full, queen, king

A wooden bed frame like the Zinus Alexia can give your space a calm and natural aesthetic. You can choose to add a headboard or go for the more minimalist look with just the frame. It is available in four different wood colors: rustic pine, antique espresso, cherry and natural.

  • Optional headboard
  • Multiple wood finish options
  • The headboard adds about $ 150

Best versatile storage

Flexible South Shore platform bed

South coast

$ 389.99

Important specifications

  • Material: Manufactured wood
  • Height from the ground: 13 in
  • Size options: Full, queen, king

This bed frame also serves as storage space for items that should be easily accessible. You can buy boxes to fill the compartments or use them to store items that you use every day to keep them neat yet easy to reach. However, while most of the reviews for this bed are positive, some reviewers mentioned poor construction and that pieces of the wood chipped off shortly after purchase.

  • Simple, flexible storage compartments
  • Some reviewers reported wood chips over time
  • No headboard options

Elegant four-poster bed

Kingstown Home Bartlby four poster bed with storage space

Kingstown Home

$ 891.66

Important specifications

  • Material: metal
  • Height from the ground: 6 inches
  • Size options: queen

If your bedroom is more spacious and you’re looking for an interesting setting that can add character to your room, consider a four-poster bed. The canopy gives your bedroom structure and creates a visually interesting composition. You can also experiment with hanging various fabrics over the bed. One of the tougher metal options for a four-poster bed, this model is available in black, chrome, or gold.

  • Elegant design and robust construction
  • Built-in padded headboard

Space-saving bed frame

South Shore Reevo Mate’s & Captain’s bed with 3 drawers and bookcase

South coast

$ 509.99

Important specifications

  • Material: wood
  • Height from the ground: 14 in.
  • Size options: Twin room, full

The Reevo 3 Draw bed frame is perfect when you don’t have enough space for bedside tables in your room and you want to store a few things next to your bed. The headboard comes with a built-in bookcase to keep an alarm clock, cup of tea or a journal and a few favorite books. It also has three drawers on one side, which is ideal if you want to place your bed against a wall. Although this frame is only available in double and full size, the bookcase and drawers make it a great choice for a kid’s room.

  • Only available in twin and full size

Luxurious sleigh bed

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Draven Tufted upholstered sleigh bed

Laurel Foundry Modern farmhouse

$ 1,269.99

Important specifications

  • Materials: Padding made of wood and 100 polyester
  • Height from the ground: 9.25 in
  • Size options: Queen, King, California King

If you are looking for a sleek bed frame that will last for decades, consider the Draven Tufted Upholstered Sleigh bed frame. The tufted headboard is elegant and covered with foam-filled polyester, which gives the frame a plush and luxurious feel that you can lean against while watching TV or reading. In addition, the frame comes with a bunkie board – think of it like a thinner version of a box spring bed – to prop up your mattress if you don’t want to use a box spring bed.

  • Elegant construction for eternity

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